Care to be taken while travelling in long distance trains

Traveling through Indian railways is one of the cheapest, authentic and advisable, It is one of the most enjoyable way to see this majestic country. Indian railway is the fourth largest in the world and it is connected to most part of the country. It is essential to be prepared for the journey while travelling through Indian railways. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.
Whenever you plan your journey first of all do complete research about the trains such as which train have more seating capacity, train time etc. It will make your journey more comfortable for you.
Book your ticket well in advance to avoid wait list or RAC.
Don’t leave your luggage unsecured or your valuables on display. Your traveling companions may be honest, but thieves sometimes enter the carriages at night. Bring a padlock and chain as you’ll find facilities for fastening your luggage in your compartment. Also put small locks in the zipper of your every luggage.
Keep your ticket and ID handy to show to TT when demanded.
Do not eat food from unknown people or copassengers while travelling in trains. It is very dangerous for your health and wealth. Sometime thieves use medicine which will force you to sleep immediately. After then, thieves get enough time to steal your luggage during your journey in the train. There are also so many thieves who try to use this technique during your waiting at railway platform. So, it is also advisable to do not eat any type of food from unknown people during your stay at platform.
Keep discussions with outsiders short and to the point. Don’t energize stupid discussions with male co-passenger especially by woman travelling alone.
Always carry a book with you or mobile with headphone. This could help in maintaining a strategic distance from talk with undesirable individuals.
Request the upper berth (it will say “UB” on your ticket stub) when purchasing your ticket—it has a far more prominent level of protection and you can extend at whatever time, even amidst the day.
Study all the travelers around you after the train leaves the station. Don’t show that you are afraid of your safety and security.
Dress comfortably and wear shoes that can be easily removed. There are no change rooms etc. on trains, the bathrooms are small and the majority of people sleep in the same clothes they boarded the train in. Of course you could still pack a pajama along with your toothbrush!
Don’t take out expensive electronic items in the train compartments. Many people use their laptops in trains. Avoid using it while traveling in trains.
Keep some Rupees in small denominations in a separate pocket. This way you don’t have to pull out all your money every time you need to spend a few Rupees or perhaps give a tip to someone.
While there’s not much difference in the standard of the toilets between sleeper and air conditioned class, it’s the cleanliness that counts. There are two toilets on both the ends of every compartment. At least one of these will be ‘western style’. However, it’s the Indian style toilets that often stay the cleanest as the western style ones are frequently used.
Peak time for bathroom use is usually between 8 am and 9 am, so it pays to get up early before the rush starts.
Take some hand soap, anti-bacterial hand wipes and toilet paper in your hand bag with your toothpaste and brush.
Most of trains have charging point in trains. But it’s better for you if you carry a portable charger with you and use your phone wisely, don’t waste your battery on unnecessary thing, keep your data connection off when not required.

How to Choose an Offbeat Travel Destination

Follow these easy steps on how to choose an offbeat travel destination, for a better travelling experience.
Not all travel destinations must be familiar to you or those you know, so as to plan the trip and travel hassle-free. Sometimes, you may want to explore a new place, and would be confused how to chalk out the trip.
Before you visit any offbeat destination, it is better to be prepared for what comes along, through the journey. To have an easy trip to such a place, here are some things that you can take into consideration, to make your trip worth looking forward to!
Find an Accessible Place There are several offbeat tourist places across the world for you to explore, but getting to all of them may not be easy. Some places are risky to enter, while some places don’t allow tourists during certain times of the year due to various reasons which also includes the extreme climatic conditions of the region. When you plan a trip to a place you’ve never been to, it is always better to choose an offbeat travel destination that is easily accessible by affordable means of transport.
Contact the Locals Before the Trip To know more about a particular place, the best way is to interact with a person who lives there, or at least someone who has spent enough time there, to guide you plan your trip. The vast world of internet is one way to track such people. Once you find a few contacts, they could help you with the culture, food habits and other aspects of the place that you ought to know before you start your journey.
Check on the Stay Options Not all places will have good or even enough stay options in the first place. If the place has hardly one or two hotels or guest houses, there are chances that they are booked too. Ensure that you would be safe at the destination you are travelling to.
Plan for Emergencies Unlike popular tourist destinations, you may not get all the details about an offbeat place. In such cases, be prepared to face the risks that come with it. Ensure you have all the necessary phone numbers of the nearest contact points, enough cash with you, extra clothes, or even a backup plan just in case the destination is totally not what you expected it to be.
Consult a Travel Agent If Needed It is right that the fun in exploring a place can’t be experienced if you go through a travel agent. However, if you feel you need better assistance and guidance before you start travelling, you also have the choice to get in touch with a travel agent and plan a proper trip, rather than exploring the place for yourself.

Basic Tips for Beach Travel

Want your beach trip to be more enjoyable and hassle-free? Have a look at these simple tips for beach travel. A day in the beach can be very relaxing and at the same time irritating sometimes. So, here we bring you some simple tips for you to follow during the beach vacation.
Watching Your Luggage: One usual problem we face while visiting beaches is about watching over the luggage. Unless your car is parked nearby or you are staying in a nearby hotel, this problem exists. So better carry fewer items as possible because you have to carry it around everywhere. In case, you want to keep your electronic gadgets while playing then put them in plastic cover and close it tightly. Now you can easily carry your gadgets like phone even when you are playing in water.
Clothes and Societal Barriers: Of course, beaches are for bikinis and stuff but in places like India there is some kind of restrictions when it comes to attire. It is okay if it is a place like Goa but there are some un-announced regulations. So, wear an attire which can keep you from unwanted stares. Dress according to your comfort and societal norms in beaches where it is necessary.
Don’t Bother About the Sand: Your body will be smeared in sand once you start playing in the beaches. Don’t worry too much. Just rub off some baby powder before washing it all. The sand will come out easily and you don’t have to struggle much.
Safety First: Don’t become over exited and go swimming in the restricted areas. Please follow the rules laid out by the officials. Don’t go too far into the sea as it can be quite risky.
Things to Bring: Carry a mat, some snacks, sunscreen, a hat or an umbrella on your beach trip. Sit on the mat comfortably and have snacks enjoying the scenic views.
Cleanliness: Please do not litter the beach. Carry some covers to put all your used bottles and chips packets, etc. Use a dustbin to throw all the garbage.
Bring extra clothes: Most beaches have changing rooms. So always carry spare clothes while you travel to beaches. It is a done deal that you will play in water once you go there. So, it is better to be precautious so that you won’t have to walk around in wet clothes later. Keep these simple tips for beach travel for a wonderful beach vacation.

Travel Safe During Monsoons

Don’t let the rains ruin your travel plans. People, who until now were burning under the scorching summer heat, know how they have awaited the arrival of the monsoons.
But, as it is said, each thing comes with its own set of pros and cons and monsoons are no exception. As much as you would like to get drenched once in a while, or enjoy the droplets on your window over a cup of hot tea or coffee, travelling, on the other hand, becomes quite a task during monsoons. Be it the slippery roads with potholes that slow down your pace of driving, health issues or the ensuing natural hazards, monsoons have every chance of turning your journey into a nightmare.
Nevertheless, rains should not stop you from travelling. So, before you step out, these tips will help you cope up with monsoon:
1. Select the right attire: Firstly, it’s always important to select the right set of clothes, if you are heading out during monsoons. Avoid packing whites and pastels in your bag. Go for dark coloured pants and shirts with long sleeves. Also, wear rain-proof shoes.
2. Don’t forget to carry essentials: An umbrella and a raincoat is a must. To make sure that your belongings, especially your camera and phone don’t get wet, pack them in a nylon backpack with proper waterproofing. Also, carry enough inner wears.
3. Carry a first-aid box: With the weather getting moist, the chances of bacterial infection also increases. Keep disinfectant scrubs, antiseptic creams and bandages handy. There might be mosquitoes and bugs, so, carry mosquito repellents. Falling sick is the last thing you would desire while travelling. So pack anti-allergic drugs too.
4. You can’t get away from disruptions: Since monsoons in India are erratic, certain delays and interruptions in your journey won’t be unusual. Be prepared for delayed or cancelled flights or trains. Make sure your hotel and airport transfers are well-prepared for delays. Just keep calm and go through your plans once again.
5. It’s not the perfect time to take the road less travelled by: You may be keen on adventures while travelling, but monsoons are just not the ideal time to indulge in your travel pleasures. As much as you may love road trips, it is not advisable to undertake one during monsoons. Also, in case of any mishap, finding help in a place less inhabited might be difficult.
6. Relish well-cooked food: Sometimes, you need to sacrifice street food, just for the sake of your health. Raw food, on the other hand, is also prone to contamination, and should be avoided. Besides, don’t forget to carry your own water bottle.
7. Rejuvenate with Ayurveda: Monsoon is the best time to go for Ayurvedic treatment. Among the best getaways would be Kerala, Uttarakhand, Goa and Pune.

Every Indian should know the basic flight etiquette

It’s time we stop being an inconvenience to fellow travellers. Chatty co-passengers, armrest hoggers, people who drink too much on board–in-flight behavioural nuisances has been damaging overall experience of air travel with each passing day, especially in India.
All you need to do to realise this reality is browse through the recent instances of misbehaviour in flights that stand out as glaring examples of the breach of public conduct. While there are regular cases of assault on crew members, people recently have also been found masturbating or copulating, while on flight.
If flights have indeed added to your convenience of travel, the least one could expect from a passenger is to know how to ‘behave’. After all, your fellow passenger deserves as peaceful a journey as you.
Here is some basic flying etiquette that every passenger should keep in mind while travelling:
Give enough room to your co-passenger
You are not the only traveller on board. So, make sure you are not using up all the space for yourself and your luggage. Also, if it’s a short-haul flight, you may try and not recline your seat way too much. Let everyone have access to their respective seat, legroom and luggage space in the overhead bins.
Try talking less, for once?
It’s time one realises that being a chatty neighbour can be a source of irritation for many, especially if the other is trying to concentrate on something more important. How about listening to music on your own, or reading a book? Else, enjoy a short, rejuvenating nap.
Pay some respect to the crew
If certain people can manage to be cordial, even after clearing your litter, can they not expect the same behaviour from you in return? You may say it’s the responsibility of the air hostesses to ensure you have a comfortable journey, but it is also your responsibility to avoid causing unnecessary hassle.
Don’t drink too much
Nobody minds a couple of drinks, only if one is not a drunk troublemaker. Drink only to the extent you can manage to hold.
Don’t let your actions be an inconvenience
You very well know what qualifies for respectable public behaviour, and what doesn’t. Things like bad odour (from food or body), littering the place or even hogging armrests lead to the inconvenience of other passengers.
Maintain a queue while boarding or getting off
If you have boarded your flight already, know that nobody is going to take away your seat. Nor will you be left behind in your seat, for the flight to take you on a free trip after landing. It’s just a matter of a few minutes. Maintaining some form of discipline while travelling is not that difficult.

How to save yourself from Jet Lag

Here’s how you can ensure a happy and healthy tour. Travellers often prefer a flight journey over other modes, owing to its convenience and shorter travel time. However, what often comes along with it is jet lag.
The sense of fatigue and dizziness that one goes through, especially after a long-haul flight, takes away the pleasure of travel. It may also have an adverse affect on your health. According to World Health Organisation, jet lag can lead to indigestion, disturbance in the bowel function, blood pressure fluctuations, among other disorders.
So, before your jet lag kills all the energy for travel, here are some of the measures you can undertake to have a stress-free vacation.
1. Adjust your body clock: This should begin at least three days before your day of departure. Keep shifting your sleeping schedule, by an hour or two, to suit it to the local timings at your travel destination.
2. Opt for a split-trip: This allows more time to the body to adapt to the new routine. Plus, it can reduce the air fare for your journey.
3. Keep your body hydrated: It is always advisable to avoid alcohol or caffeine while on a long-haul flight. Drink as much water as possible.
4. Don’t fall for a nap: Might sound impractical otherwise, but falling asleep as soon as you reach your hotel, is never a good idea. Head out instead; go for a walk in the neighbourhood and explore. And if you can’t do without sleeping, utilise the time in the flight to do so.
5. Exposure to sunlight: Once you arrive at your destination, keep your windows open to feel the brightness of daylight. It always makes you feel better.
6. Try working out: Might not sound as good an idea, but a little bit of exercise will help regulate blood flow in your body, thus reducing the chances of a jet lag.